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Potentially Musical Devices

{in progress} Many of the projects I’d like to try center around the possibility of wireless synchronization among several machines, ultimately to a musical beat. One of my first Arduino ambitions was a visual, midi-clocked metronome, which I eventually decided to base on midi-clock coming from a laptop running a sequencer (Ableton Live.) Though I… Read More »

I2C, LED Pixels – Arduino Update

I recently brought my Arduino development board out of storage. I last experimented with controlling electronic circuits months before our housing situation dramatically changed. Since the release of the Raspberry Pi (RasPi,) I’ve been inspired to research the DIY/maker scene again, and dreaming up several potential projects. Things have changed a lot in a couple… Read More »

Midi Metronome

Creating a midi metronome was one of the first projects I tried to tackle with the Arduino. Pictured above is a simple circuit running a sketch to light LEDs  alingned a row, sequenced to visually emulate the Q-Logic Midi Metro used by Bjork and several other artists. The actual commercial product is expensive, hard to… Read More »