OK… So I’m working out exactly how I’d like to present images. This landing page is meant to explain how I’m still going through a ton of photographs, but don’t have a bunch to show yet… and also go explain navigation, if it isn’t entirely obvious. At this point I’m testing a full-screen gallery plugin (Wunderslider Gallery) which integrates with NextGen Gallery.

How to Navigate Galleries

  • Galleries are presented as a slideshow when the mouse cursor is not resting on the image.
  • Half circles on either side of the browser window show the next or previous image.
  • Half circles at the top of the window navigate to individual images.
  • Clicking my name – Marshal Serna – at the top of the page returns you to the main page of the website. Always.
  • Clicking “Galleries” next to my name to returns to this page. Eventually there should be a bunch of galleries listed here.
  • NOTE: Galleries are Full Screen, and presently always use your browsers’ full height. They should look great on a 16:9 widescreen monitor with your browser maximized. However, if your browser window is tall you aren’t seen the whole thing. (Most images are horizontal, and  will appear cropped if your browser window is not sized to a horizontal rectangle.)