DIY/kit guitar effect pedals

By | April 21, 2010

Monday night I ordered parts to mod 2 of the foot switch pedals I currently use for my electric guitar setup.

My amp is a Peavey Classic 50 2×12, which has a double foot switch – a channel select switch (normal/overdrive) and a reverb switch.  That’s fine, except there are no indicator lights to let you know how the switch is currently set.  There’s also no indication on the amp.  I’ve got a similar problem with the foot switch for my Ibanez modulation delay. The delay unit itself is a rack mount that sits on top of my amp – BEHIND ME.  The delay box does have an indicator light, but I have to turn completely away from my vocal mic to see it.

I tried a bunch of commercially available 3rd party foot switches, but none of them worked with my gear.  So I’ve decided to mod the ones I have.  I’ll be replacing the switch parts with DPDT, using the 2nd pole to switch on a LED.  I’ll also be adding a 2.1mm power jack to each pedal so the LEDs can draw power from my existing daisy chain.  It should be a relatively simple mod, and I hope to have it done by the Oblik show on 4/30.

In researching parts suppliers I came across some really cool kit vendors!  I’ll link them here, and probably add more as I go.

Small Bear Electronics – Most of the parts necessary to make your own pedals.

Pedal Parts Plus – Another electronics supplier.  Pre-drilled, custom painted enclosures!

Build Your Own Clone – Efx kits with all parts and hardware included.  I’m hoping to get the TriBoost and the Tremolo

TonePad – An awesome resource for effect schematics.  They sell pre-made circuit boards and have lots of build reports from people who have completed projects.