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Pack Your Kit

This is the trailer for a video series I did quite a bit of work on with Blackstone Edge Studios. Technical direction and production, glidecam, editing and more. See the whole series here. These were shot and edited in the Fall/Winter of 2009, using Canon 5D Mark II cameras. It’s amazing how far firmware development… Read More »

My First Music Demo, 1988

These are my very first 4-track recordings. I made them in the spring of 1988, then dubbed and distributed a bunch of demo cassettes under the name M. Scott. Eden in the Rain01-Eden-in-the-Rain.mp3 Predestination02-Predestination.mp3 The Rush of My Heart03-Rush-of-my-Heart.mp3 You Deny04-Simple-Man.mp3   Equipment used: Roland Jupiter-6 : all the “analog” sounding stuff. Strings and bass,… Read More »