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Aquarium Micro-Controller (part 1)

One of the first projects that came to my mind when I started learning about Arduino was the possibility of controlling LEDs, relays and solenoids for my planted aquarium. Of course I’m not the first person to think of this… link link link A few features I’d like to plan for… Timers / Schedulers Relay… Read More »

Midi Metronome

Creating a midi metronome was one of the first projects I tried to tackle with the Arduino. Pictured above is a simple circuit running a sketch to light LEDs  alingned a row, sequenced to visually emulate the Q-Logic Midi Metro used by Bjork and several other artists. The actual commercial product is expensive, hard to… Read More »

Pack Your Kit

This is the trailer for a video series I did quite a bit of work on with Blackstone Edge Studios. Technical direction and production, glidecam, editing and more. See the whole series here. These were shot and edited in the Fall/Winter of 2009, using Canon 5D Mark II cameras. It’s amazing how far firmware development… Read More »