busy busy busy

By | May 29, 2012

Haven’t touched this blog in a bit… A lot has happened! I kind of blame facebook for making it so easy to post your life exclusively on their site.

Since my last blog post I have: had 2 birthdays, celebrated my 6th and 7th wedding anniversaries, lost the awesome rental house Jess and I were totally set up in right off Alberta, bought OUR OWN house 20 blocks away from our old rental, refinished the floors and steamed the wallpaper in said house,  gone on a west coast tour with Soriah (and about to embark on another,) become obsessed with freshwater “nature” aquariums, rehearsed and played a reunion show with Sumerland… worked and worked in the middle of the “Great Recession.”

Lots of stuff, but you won’t find any of that here on my own personal blog. At least not until I have time to relive it media-wise. Thanks facebook.